Professor, Academician & Environmentalist, PhD, FSES, Global Economic Adviser, CEO APCEO senior Expert Asia and world wide. Global Good will Ambassador. Modern Polymer technology and Global warming and Climate issues. Working for the Orientation of Modern Science and Technology for the sustainable economic developments. Working for the Basic Polymer science and its research applications.  Bio Polymer research and material science. Working at Environmental friendly and bio degradable polymeric materials. Managing the multidisciplinary teaching of energy conservation and acceleration of efficiency.  Working as a Quality Assessment and Assurance Coordinator in the Institution. IQAC/CEQE coordinator. Election  SLMT &TTF  Global health and standard of life issues Working for the Balancing the Wildlife Conservation, VIP Invited speaker by Governor and Peoples Govt of china, Key note Speaker IEEE Springer MIT Sikkim, Education Congress2019,Globwarm-2018 Conference Chair Bangkok Thailand. Conference Chair GLOBWARM-2019 Malaysia. WWA- Nepal.  GELS & ICIC Summits China
      Published more than 22 technical papers with lectures in 200 International/ National universities, Technical, Research Institutions. Water Resource group -2030. Member for the clean energy Vision-2025 & Sustainable Global health and Peace works.Guided more than 200 project students. Working as an activist for the global human/women/children rights.NSSvolunteer. Red Cross member. CII invited member. HPV member, MSRI, ISCA, IPA, ISCA life member. 10 National/International awards. Best Citizen Award.
Research Interest : Polymer Research, Biopolymers, Nano Techonology, Clean Energy ,Climate issues, Environmental friendly process, Sustainable Economic development.
Working Projects: Water for 2030, Conservation of Natural resources, Sustainable future with Nature.
Global Goodwill Ambassador. Global Economic Adviser, APCEO Senior Expert Asia and world wide

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