Dr. Suresh Kaushik is currently working as a Chief Technology Officer (Research) in Indian Council of Agricultural Research at Indian Agricultural Research Institute (ICAR-IARI), New Delhi, India.  He received Ph.D. degree in the discipline of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology from National Research Centre on Plant Biotechnology, ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, India.  His thesis research work included transgenic technology and limited field trials of genetically modified Bt Brinjal with cry1Ab and cry1B genes (GM crops). He has published many book chapters and research papers on the topics related to nanotechnology, biotechnology and plant nutrients in enhancing agricultural crop productivity. His current research work combines multidisciplinary approaches such as molecular biology, biotechnology, nanotechnology, microbiology, biochemistry, environmental issues, nutrients, trace elemental and heavy metals analysis using Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry. His other research interests include:  food quality and food safety issues, nanotechnology and genomics in food science, nanomaterials and their characterization, elemental speciation analysis using HPLC-ICP-MS, smart intelligent nanofertilizers.

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